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Cock Sleeve Buyer's Guide

So you're worried about the size of your penis. What man isn't? It's natural that we want a thicker and longer penis in order to completely satisfy our mate.

Despite the come-on ads you see on the Internet, there is NO proven reliable method to permanently enlarge your penis. Supplements, creams, and sprays are a waste of money. Crazy exercises where you yank your dick to stretch the muscles can be painful and cause serious damage!

There is only one sure-fire way to enlarge your penis,and that's with a penis extender.

These are also called cock sleeves -- they're like a condom, but much thicker. A penis extender slips over your hard OR soft penis, instantly giving you inches you never had before! Available in different sizes, colors, even textures!

These are not dildos! All cock extensions have a "pocket" where your penis slides in for a snug and pleasurable fit. You feel sensation through the sleeve as your penis gently rocks back and forth inside. Select from super-soft, where your big dick feels just like warm skin. Or pick a harder rubber that keeps its shape, even when you don't have an erection.

Give Her the Thick Cock She's Always Fantasized About!

Studies show women prefer a large penis when having intercourse. Their ideal size is 8" to 10" -- some of the babes even want 11"+!

Want to add four inches to your average 6 inch penis? Just slip on a cock sleeve, dab on a little lubrication, and you're ready to rumble!!

Your wife or girlfriend will enjoy her "new" lover, with his extra thick and long dong, not to mention extra lasting power. Though made of a thick rubber, you can still feel sensation through most penis extensions, especially the natural skin type. You'll enjoy the sex as much as she will!

No More Premature Ejaculation!

You'll last longer, too. Instead of ejaculating after a couple of strokes, the penis extension will help you keep going for 10, 15, even 20 minutes! Orgasm when you want. No more embarrassing moments when you've finished before she's had a chance to warm up!

Can't Keep Your Wood? Try a Rigid Sleeve!

Every man has trouble from time to time keeping his erection. Next time it happens don't apologize!. Try a strap-on penis instead. It stays hard when you can't. The straps keep the extender in place, with your flaccid penis cradled comfortably inside. Strap-on cock sleeves are especially ideal for short-term impotence, where you might get hard during intercourse. If you do, just slip off the extender, and go bareback!

Try Several Kinds, One For Every Occasion

Though they may not admit it, women enjoy variety in their love making. They can feel the difference in penis size and shape. Cock sleeves let her experience all kinds of lengths and thicknesses. On Monday treat your lady to a beefy lumberjack with 8" of extra-thick meat, a 10" super-stud porn star on Wednesday, and your own penis on Friday!

She'll Ask You for Sex!

Unless your lady pleasures herself with an big dong, she won't be used to the added girth of a penis extension. Help her vagina stretch with an 8" dildo. Use it prior to intercourse. Then when you're both ready, put on your penis extension, and insert it slowly.

It'll be extra tight the first few times, but then your girl's body will grow accustomed to the bigger dimensions of your new-found manhood! She won't be able to get enough of your extra hard, XXL cock!!

The sooner you order your penis extension, the sooner she's cry with pleasure! Get one today! Choose from over 5 dozen models!